Monday, January 05, 2009

Realtors to the Rescue!

Isn’t it hard to believe that we are a just a few weeks away from the close of 2008? Do I hear some of your cheering?

For all of us in real estate it has certainly been a year to remember…to say the least!

Our nation’s “mortgage meltdown” and “credit crisis” had a profound effect on the real estate industry through out Texas and the rest of the U.S.. But, we in Houston knew that we had not felt the effects as badly as those in other parts of the country. We kept putting one foot in front of the other and felt truly “blessed” to be in Houston.

But, all of that would change on the 12th of September when a hurricane named Ike came a calling. I do not think that any of us were really prepared for the devastation left in Ike’s wake. Downed trees, fences and power lines the next morning in Houston were just the tip of iceberg of the damage, destruction and (in some cases) total loss of our neighbor’s homes in the Bay Area.

What was most gratifying to me was how neighbors helped neighbors clean up and make the most of their situation and (of course) there were “Realtors to the Rescue”. So many of you, like this month’s cover story, Karen Keating of Martha Turner Properties were right in the thick of things to help their neighbors remove water damaged items, pull out sheet rock, establish help lines and websites and find alternative accommodations.

It is sad that many consumers think we just “sell” in our communities and do not understand just how much we do “serve” our friends and neighbors.

We at REE Magazine salute of you and thank you for your caring hearts and for all you do in and for your communities.

As we all tighten our belts to make it through the economic storm, please keep an open heart for those in need this holiday season.

May 2009 bring us all good health and much success.

As always, good reading, good sales and Happy Holidays!
Success to you!

Steve Levine

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