Monday, November 26, 2007

Tune In This Friday at 1PM on CNN 650 - Houston Real Estate TODAY!

This week's guests will include Rob Cook, the 2007 Chairman of the Houston Association of Realtors ( and Bob Cook Properties, Shad Bogany, ERA Bogany Properties and 2002 Chairman of HAR, Jeanne Conger, VP of Marketing for KB Home (, and Rene Salvatierra of urbanFINANCIAL ( See and hear our past shows below in the "Houston Real Estate TODAY!" directory.

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

11/23/07 Houston Real Estate TODAY! Thanksgiving Edition CNN 650 AM at 1PM

Steve Levine and Rene Salvatierra of urbanFINANCIAL go into to the studio with Steven Kleiman of Oakington Realty, Rick Wayne of R. Wayne Builders, and Jeff Jansen of Garage Town Texas to talk everything "inner loop". "Houston Real Estate TODAY!" is Houston's most informative real estate radio talk show featuring great guests and hot news on real estate Houston, tune in every Friday at 1PM on CNN 650 AM or visit us on-line (all shows are archived for your viewing or listening). Also, sign up for the newsletter and keep informed of show developments. If you would like to be a guest, sponsor, or advertiser, please call 713.560.3348 or e-mail:

The "Houston Real Estate TODAY!" radio show is sponsored in part by urbanFINANCIAL and Delaney's Roofing and Restoration.

Listen to the audio stream here: <Radio Active>

Show intro with Steve Levine and Rene Salvatierra

Mortgage Banking Update: Is there money available? How do buyers guarantee their financing before selecting their home?

Steven Keiman of Oakington Realty offers advice on the inner loop and what buyers are looking for

More with Steven Kleiman of Oakington Realty

More insights into the inner loop buyer and an introduction to Rick Wayne of R. Wayne Builders (high-end builder, $1M plus)

Rick Wayne discusses his builder focus for the innner loop

Custom Building Amenities

Home Technology with Rick Wayne of R. Wayne Builders and intro to Garage Town Texas with Jeff Jansen

Jeff Jansen continues a discusion regarding the benefits of Garage Town Texas

Closing Moments of the show, each guest gives one or two tips to consider when sourcing a mortgage company, builder, realtor or service provider

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Become a Sponsor Guest on Houston Real Estate TODAY! Radio Show and Market Your Company

Go On the Air with “Houston Real Estate TODAY!” $750 (approximately 1 hour in the booth)
• Limited to two guests ($750 per guest sponsor) per show in studio at all times (5 in studio max)
• Current format includes radio host, a co-host, a top Realtor(r) and, two additional sponsor guests
• Not a guaranteed talk time, included in the discussion and a profile on client company (one segment or combined segment feature)
• Invitation to pre-show lunch at Skyline Deli – 12th floor of station, business networking opportunity or other location in the event of an offsite live broadcast within the city.

• Guests to be promoted in newsletter and weekly press release/announcements
• Guests to be promoted on blog and Google Public Calendar
• YouTube video and podcast to be uploaded to blog and on-line – from the actual show.
• Guests to review schedule to determine when they would like to appear (not guaranteed until confirmed by sales team).
• In the event of a scheduling conflict, client will be notified of change.
• Subject to availability.
• No refunds for spots reserved, client responsible for being at station at time of broadcasting. Reschduling possible, accept during the week of feature.

The radio show is currently advertised in "Homes and Land" (75,000 readers), Real Estate Executive (3,100 readers), "Nuestra Casa" (25,000 readers) and Steven Kay Media (radio and web).

A brief example with Becky Shannonhouse, Realtor Relations of The Woodlands Development Company

Please contact us at e-mail: to reserve you schedule or call 713.560.3348, Andy. Houston Real Estate TODAY! airs in the Houston market on CNN 650 AM, every Friday at 1PM.

Reserve Your Spot Today!

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Tune Into Our Next Show 11/23 at 1PM, Friday on CNN 650 AM

The next "Houston Real Estate TODAY!" radio show will air 11/23 Friday at 1PM on CNN 650 AM and archived herea at!

Hot topic: The Inner Loop

Our Guests:
Rene Salvatierra/urbanFINANCIAL
Steven Kleiman/Oakington Realty
Rick Wayne/R. Wayne Builders
Jeff Jansen/Garage Town Texas

Our recent guests: Ronnie Matthews, RE/MAX Legends, Kristin Thrasher, Champions School of Real Estate, Rochelle Barrow,, Vickie Milano, Keller Williams Reality, Becky Shannonhouse, Realtor Relations, The Woodlands Development Company, and Buddy Wilson, Duralast

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

11/16/07 Houston Real Estate TODAY! Radio Show Segment

Tune in each week at the blog or at CNN 650 AM in the Houston market as we talk about everything real estate Houston. Our show is sponsored in part by urbanFINANCIAL and Delaney's Roofing and Restoration. The show is expertly produced by Steven Kay Media and Marketing Dynamics. This week we have Vickie Milano (November cover story honoree) of Keller Williams The Woodlands, Becky Shannonhouse, Realtor Releations of The Woodlands Development Company, Buddy Wilson of Duralast and co-host Eddie Delaney of Delaney's Roofing and Restoration. E-mail us your questions about Houston real estate at and we may post the answer on the air. Sign up for our on-line newsletter and tell a friend about "Houston Real Estate TODAY!"

Listen to the audio stream here: <radio active>

Show Intro and Guest Introductions

A Discussion with Vickie Milano, Keller Williams The Woodlands

Vickie Explains How She Markets a Home and 1031 Exchanges

A Continuation with Vickie Milano, Top Agent

Introduction of Becky Shannonhouse, Realtor Relations of The Woodlands Development Company

A Continuation with Becky Shannonhouse, Realtor Relations of The Woodlands Development Company

An Introduction of Eddie Delaney of Delaney's Roofing and Restoration and Buddy Wilson of Duralast

Buddy Explaines How Duralast Helps Save Money on Utilities for Commercial Properties

Eddie Delaney Helps People to Determine How to Best Plan for Their Roofing Needs

The Final Segment With Helpful Real Estate Tips from Our Panel of Experts

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CBS Radio Studio with Houston Real Estate TODAY!

We were in the studio with our panel of guests on the new "Houston Real Estate TODAY!" radio show hosted by Steve Levine, which airs every Friday at 1PM on CNN 650 AM. Our co-host and sponsor Eddie Delaney of Delaney's Roofing and his guest Buddy Wilson of Duralast were available to talk about the commercial roofing issues. Our special guests included Vickie Milano of Keller Williams (The Woodlands) and Becky Shannonhouse, Director of Realtor Relations for The Woodlands Development Company. If you are interested in becoming a guest or a sponsor/advertisor on this truly unique radio show celebrating Houston real estate and the Realtor(r) profession then contact Andy Valadez at 713.560.3348 or e-mail:

Show underwritten in part by urbanFINANCIAL.

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

PR Web Press Release On-line for "Houston Real Estate TODAY!" Radio

Houston Real Estate TODAY" radio show airs on CNN 650 AM in the Houston market and on-line. The Houston real estate market has a range of dynamics that are of interest to home buyers, investors, the Realtor(r) community, and service providers to the industry. The show was created to appeal to the local and national market, for those who are actively reviewing and studying the Houston market.

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) November 8, 2007 -- Many Houstonians are proud of their city and the thriving business environment that has led to the nickname, "The Make It Happen City". Steve Levine, Publisher of "Real Estate Executive" magazine (a publication owned by Sunshine Media) has been passionate about featuring top Houston Realtors® on the cover of his magazine. Past cover honorees have featured Ronnie and Cathy Matthews (the #1 Realtor in the city), David Flory (#3), Bruce and Diane Kink (of The Woodlands), Rob Cook (Chairman of the Houston Association of Realtors 2007), and more. His desire was to put these stories on-line for others to read (the magazine has purposely limited distribution), which lead to the creation of his blog feature and that blog has garnered the interest of radio personalities and real estate professionals and consumers locally and nationally.

"We had the desire to create an open platform to talk about our real estate market. Typically on the radio you have a real estate agent or one builder talking about themselves or the same thing that is discussed on every other show and we wanted to share great information with today's real estate consumers and industry professionals from Houston's top agents, builders, and service providers in the market" says Mr. Levine "we also know that people are moving to Houston and we wanted people to know more about what is happening in our city from the buyer to the seller."

urbanFINANCIAL Mortgage Banking and Brokerage is underwriting the show and Rene Salvatierra, President will co-host the show with Mr. Levine twice a month. "The show had appeal to us, because it gives us access to the discussion about Houston real estate" says Mr. Salvatierra. The show will be a platform for those who are studying and watching the dynamic Houston market. "All of our shows will be video recorded and placed on-line with hyperlinks to audio streams" says Mr. Salvatierra "We want to hear from anyone who has something valuable to share in the dialogue" says Mr. Salvatierra.

Mr. Levine is proud of his 23-member Publisher's Advisory Board, all influential professionals in real estate. "We have access to plenty of real estate experts and we think our show will be a truly unique in that it represents a true convergence of media to include web, print, radio, events, networking, and strategic media partnerships," says Mr. Levine. "The guests of the show will represent the 'Best of the Best' in real estate," Steve ads.

Steve Kay of Steven Kay Media ( will produce the show for "Houston Real Estate Today". For more information, please visit:

Company Information:

Steve Levine Real Estate Media, LLC

Steve Levine Real Estate Media, LLC was formally created April 2007 with the goal of creating real estate oriented programming via a convergence of media involving web, print, radio, TV, and other platforms (i.e., speaking engagements, strategic alliances, partnerships, joint ventures, etc.). Steve Levine is the publisher of Real Estate Executive magazine, a high-end glossy magazine that reaches the top 10 percent of Realtors® in the local market. Please visit:

urbanFINANCIAL Mortgage Banking and Brokerage

urbanFINANCIAL is a lead-edge mortgage company that has focused on its use of technology, industry expertise, and the media to position what it does for top realtors, investors, and commercial developers. urbanFINANCIAL has demonstrated its financial prowess in difficult times and is focused on creating a clarion call for those in the business of serving home buyers and investors building the city. urbanFINANCIAL has been featured in "The Houston Business Journal", nationally recognized with Freddie Mac as a service award winner for two consecutive years, featured on KHOU Channel 11 and 55 " Wild about Houston", and print publications H and Texas magazine, Builder/Architect, and Real Estate Executive. Please see:


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Friday, November 09, 2007

11/9/07 Houston Real Estate TODAY! is on the Air!

Steve Levine goes into the studio with Ronnie Matthews, RE/MAX Legends, Rochelle Barrow of, Kristin Thrasher of Champions School of Real Estate , and Rene Salvatierra of urbanFINANCIAL for the show debut. The Houston Real Estate TODAY! show airs every Friday at 1PM on CNN 650 AM in the Houston market. We will archive every edition here at the blog. Please enjoy. Listent to the audio stream here: <radio active>

Show Intro with Steve Levine

Kristin Thrasher of Champions School of Real Estate

Kristin Thrasher Continued and Ronnie Matthews Joins the Conversation

Ronnie Matthews Continues

Ronnie Matthews gives his view on the Houston Market

Wrap up with Ronnie and an intro brief with Rochelle Barrow of

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Delaney's Roofing Sponsors "Houston Real Estate TODAY!" Radio Show

Eddie Delaney of Delaney's Roofing joins the "Houston Real Estate TODAY!" radio talk show about everything real estate Houston. Mr. Delaney will contribute dialague about commercial and residential real estate issues. His company services high-end commercial and residenial roofing needs to the current state-of-the-technology standars. Many of his applications reduce heat absorption by 80%, which is powerful in our market. See the YouTube video welcome below. The "Houston Real Estate TODAY!" radio show airs, Friday at 1PM on CNN 650 AM in the Houston market.

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

“Houston Real Estate Today Radio Show” With One Week to Go Before the Show….

A week ago, my partner, Andy Valadez and I jumped on the chance to partner with local radio show host, Steven Kay of Steven Kay Media for him to produce my own weekly real estate radio talk show "Houston Real Estate TODAY!".

I have been on the other side of the microphone several times in the last 6 months (once on television) and was pretty comfortable answering questions. So, I figured, all I have to do now is be the one asking the questions. How hard could that be? I interview our cover stories for the magazine each month.

But as this week of mentoring with Steven, working with Andy on press releases and lining up our first guests, I have come to realize that this transition is not unlike being a frequent flyer and one day, you decide that if you can be a passenger, maybe you could pilot the plane…,what was I thinking???

As excited as I am about this opportunity, I am (in direct proportion) nervous about it as well. Remember, there are no rehearsals for a radio show, it is a "live" show and there is not time to “rehearse” as all time on the air is taken each day!

So, here I am one week before the show with some great coaching from Steven, but unsure if I am not the proverbial “old dog” learning some “new tricks?”

What I have learned, is that there is A LOT more to hosting a radio show that I ever anticipated.

But, everyone that I have talked to about the show, has told me “You are going to be great at hosting!” Are they setting their expectations too high for me or do they know something about me that I don’t?

In either case, we have a great line up (Ronnie Matthews/RE/MAX Legends, Rita Santamaria/Champions School of Real Estate and Rochelle Barrow of Royce who are joining Co-host and sponsor, Rene Salavatierra/Urban Financial and I on the show. They are all “Big Fans” of each other and probably do not even need me there to get them talking and have a great dialogue on real estate today.

Maybe that’s the ticket!

Stay tuned, gang!

Next Friday (November 9th) at 1pm on CNN 650 News Radio.

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